Lead singer Johnny Rzeznik said of this before performing it on VH1 Storytellers: "The song is actually about these two teenage kids, and the girlfriend gets pregnant, and they're trying to decide whether she should get an abortion, or they should get married or what should go on..."

The Goo Goo Dolls performed this on Sesame Street in a duet with Elmo as "Pride." The lyrics were changed to be about things that give kids pride, like helping mom bake an apple pie.

Don't you love the life you killed?The priest is on the phoneYour father hit the wallYour ma' disowned youDon't suppose I'll ever knowWhat it means to be a manIt's something I can't changeI'll live around it
And I'll do anything you ever dreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallOh, MayPut your arms around meWhat you feel is what you areAnd what you are is beautifulOh, MayDo you wanna get married?Or run away?


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